Get a Head Start on Knit the Bridge and Work on a Public Art Installation…

Already started a panel?  Here’s a way to get a head start on Knit the Bridge and have your knit/crochet work seen around town this fall…

UptownFAB (Fiber Arts Bombs) is looking to do a fiber installation of 70 light poles throughout Uptown Mt. Lebanon as part of Mt. Lebanon’s Plein Air and Art in the Parking Lot events in early October 2012.

Contributing artists can choose to have their work reused for Knit the Bridge in the spring.
For more information on participating, email Kate Wagle Hitmar at or just read on…

UptownFAB is a community-based public art installation to “fiber arts bomb” the 70 light poles in Uptown Mt. Lebanon with a fabulous array of bright colors, patterns and techniques.  This opportunity is open to all artists  working in soft goods using fiber arts processes.

UptownFAB (Fiber Arts Bomb) is a project of Mt. Lebanon’s Economic Development Office, Uptown Business Association, and Koolkat Designs.  The purpose of UptownFAB is to create a community-based public art installation to draw attention to the upcoming Plein Air and Art in the Park(ing Lot) events in early October 2012.   The project entails creating an installation of fiber art onto Uptown’s 70 light poles on Washington Road / Rt.19. The installation will be on public display from the last week of September through the first week of November 2012. This opportunity is open to all artists working in soft goods using fiber arts processes—knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting, quilting, upcycling of fashion/home goods, etc.

Artists who choose to knit and/or crochet their UptownFAB entries, have the option of having their work included in the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh’s Knit the Bridge project which will take place in Spring/Summer 2013 in conjunction with Fiberart International 2013.  Artists who wish to also take part in Knit the Bridge are encouraged to use acrylic yarn.  No letters, numbers and/or representational imagery is permitted.

Mt. Lebanon’s only restrictions are that:

  • the materials must not be abrasive (to prevent damage to the poles)—only soft goods are permitted;
  • the content is family friendly since many young children frequent Uptown—no sexually explicit or violent imagery is allowed, and no derogatory language is permitted as part of the art creations;
  • the installations may not block, cover or interfere with any road signage or traffic light operation.

Each pole installation has been assigned a specific color(s), that are bold, bright and “pop” to create a unified installation. The poles will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis with the artist being able to choose a pole based on its color and/or location.

All works should be 48” in height.  The vast majority of the poles have a consistent circumference of 12.75”.  There are several traffic light poles at intersections with a tapering circumference of 27-29”; if artists select these larger poles, on site specific measurements should be taken before beginning their work.  Each work must have a means of being attached to the pole (knit/crochet seams, sewn, Velcro, ties, zip ties, etc.).

Artists will be allowed to attach a laminated business card sized information card to the edge of their work.  This card may be double-sided, and may contain their name, studio/business name, location, email address, website, blog, Etsy shop, Twitter and/or Facebook info, as well as the names of any local retailers that sell their work.  The Plein Air website will list each participating artist by name with a link  (to a website, blog, Pittsburgh Artist registry, Etsy shop, etc.).

Artists interested in participating need to register.  An artist may do an entire pole installation himself or herself, or may team up with another individual(s) to do a single pole.  If artists are interested in doing more than one pole, they may indicate that.  To receive a registration form, artists should contact Kate Wagle Hitmar at (Uptown FAB = Uptown Fiber Arts Bomb).  There is no registration or entry fee.  Completed UptownFAB works must be received by Koolkat Designs by mail or drop-off by September 21, 2012.  Prizes TBA.

Mt. Lebanon Magazine has committed to covering it in a fall issue of their magazine. We anticipate that the project will receive a lot of attention from other news and media outlets.   Because of this, only artists that are fully committed to the project should apply.

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