New and Easy Sign Up for Knit the Bridge!

A number of knitters and crocheters have gotten a head start on panel making, while others are still wondering how to get involved…

Panel in the Making…

So if you’ve been asking…

How exactly do I get involved?

Follow these simple steps to help with the Knit the Bridge vision:

  1. Sign Up on the sidebar at the right-hand side of the page.  This lets us know how to contact you and how you want to help with Knit the Bridge.
  2. Check out our Get Involved! page for ideas on ways to participate.  From there you can go to Make a Panel! for details on how to knit or crochet a panel.  Also view Leader Packets for ideas and instructions on how to Knit the Bridge with members of your community.
  3. Let us Know how it’s going by posting photos on our facebook page or emailing us at

Reminder: We are currently working with the keepers of the bridge and the Office of Public Art to ensure the full success and safety of this project moving forward.

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