Behind the Scenes – The Technical Team in Action + Registering to Vote

We are days away from our big meeting with the folks in charge of the bridges to help us figure out the permitting process, assess safety hazards, and determine the final scope of the project… But even though we’re just on the edge of the official process, I realize the community process that will literally Knit the Bridge, has already begun…

…and it is so exciting!

Yesterday, our fabulous and fearless Technical Team went down to the bridge to do another practice install as part of our preparation for the upcoming Big Meeting.  We’re trying to figure out the best, easiest, most accessible, most secure, most sustainable way to install our 34″ x 72″ bridge panels and railing cozies to the bridge.  Currently, this looks like a mix of lashing, seaming, and using cable ties to attach the pieces to each other and secure them in a fixed position onto the bridge.

Doing the install itself was a good time.  It was sunny, the sky was blue, there was a nice breeze…  But the best part was the interactions we had with folks walking by.  We got a couple of interesting sideways glances, some inquisitive eyebrow raises, a few stares that looked right past us, many knowing smiles…

Amidst the large groups of new university students wearing matching T-shirts and touring downtown we recruited an international student who just happens to be studying Architectural Drafting!  He stopped by on his bike to see if we could make him some crocheted hats.  Instead, we said we could teach him to make his own, with a couple of bridge panels on the side.  Welcome aboard Alwi!


Also I registered to vote – well, updated my address!  (Above, we get the voter registration person’s approval)… all while doing a practice install on the bridge.

By the way, it looks amazing…

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  1. Jay van Wagenen · · Reply

    Go, team, go!

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