From the FI2013 Desk… Fiberart International 2013 Deadline Coming at Us like a Freight Train!

Fiberart International 2013 deadline coming at us like a freight train! Fiberartists around the world are pounding the coffee, hitting the Maalox, and steaming toward the August 31 deadline.  Ok, so maybe that’s just the FI team here in Pittsburgh.  Judging from the number of submissions we’ve already received, the artists themselves are in better shape.  But we’re still expecting a deluge of entries this week as deadline reality kicks in.

Wildfire, Jan Myers Newbury, FI2010

For Knit the Bridge fans who don’t know, Fiberart International is a juried exhibition of the best contemporary fiberart.  It’s open to artists the world over and produced every three years right here in Pittsburgh.  FI 2013 will be the twenty-first exhibition in the series – so it’s not too surprising that we’re on the radar of fiberartists everywhere. The exhibition itself goes up April 19, 2013 and runs through August 18, 2013 at two beautiful galleries: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the Society for Contemporary Craft.

Healing Sutra #3, Erin Endicott,
Best in Show, Fiberart International 2013

Like Knit the Bridge, we’re 100% volunteer powered – by the energy, enthusiasm, and elbow grease of the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh.  Talk about a renewable resource!  Dozens and dozens of FGP members put forth an amazing effort to make this exhibition a jewel in the city’s crown.

And that’s not just pride talking.  Art critic Mary Thomas at the Post-Gazette cited the last Fiberart International as one of the city’s top 10 artistic events.  Not bad for a bunch of volunteers.  Now just imagine the splash we can make this time – armed with knitting needles!

Magnificent Obsession, Emily Dvorin, FI2010

If you’re an artist who might want to enter Fiberart International, you’ll find full details on our website:  You have until midnight, August 31 – that’s this Friday – to submit your entries.  Grab the coffee and go for it!

Jay van Wagenen FI2013 Co-Director

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