Community Leader Kick-off Meeting

We had our first community leader meeting what a great evening getting to know one another and sharing ideas about how to get the word out about Knit the Bridge.  The most pressing need identified by all was written information about the project and how to make a panel.  Kitty and Jenny our technical advisors were on hand to talk about what they have learned.  We now have a general information flyer available and are finalizing a chart which we will post on the make a panel page.  Jenny showed us this panel in progress.

Some other ideas to spread the word include contact community centers, churches, synagogues, local art teachers.  Kirsten showed us how to sign Knit the Bridge as we discussed ways to reach the blind and deaf communities.

We are just getting started more meetings and meet ups to come as we start to organize around the county.  Thanks everyone!

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  1. […] last one was such a success.  We’re so impressed by the creative ideas our leaders have come up with […]

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