A Fair in the Park

      Our KTB team, Kitty, Jenny and Jen spent the week-end at A Fair in the Park.

They claimed a space under a beautiful old tree spread out a blanket and unpacked the goodies. Prepared with all manner of      things knit and crochet they hung out and stitched. As they made good progress on their panels they made connections with new friends and old.

What a great spot to drop-in for a stitch and a chat.  Desha, Co-director of Fiberart International 2013 stole some moments away from the FI 2013 to enjoy the scene and work on her panel.

Many thanks to our KTB team for hosting another great meet up!


  1. Jean Thomas · · Reply

    Does someone have a pattern for granny squares?

  2. There are ‘granny square’ instructions in the book, The Happy Hooker, Debbie Stoller, about which Kitty gives rave reviews! Several libraries in Allegheny County have this book if anyone is looking for it. http://catalog.einetwork.net/search~S1?/thappy+hooker/thappy+hooker/1%2C3%2C3%2CB/frameset&FF=thappy+hooker+stitch+n+bitch+crochet&1%2C1%2C (Thanks Kathleen!)

    1. Jean Thomas · · Reply

      I have it on hold at the library

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