Knittreat in Bedford

In keeping with our community goals of reaching out to as many knitters and crocheters in Southwestern PA as possible, Knit the Bridge has been working closely with the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival

Presenting the prezi

Last Saturday the Knit the Bridge Crew went on the road to Bedford Springs.  After a beautiful drive through snow covered Sommerset, Knit the Bridge arrived at the Knittreat to a room full of knitters – you could hear the needles clinking…

We presented the project, discussed ideas, perused the yarn, got Knittreat swag bags (Thanks Barb! I needed a

Knitting by the fire

measuring tape.), and sat down by the fire for a cozy knitting lounge and lots of great discussion.

We’re excited to have made new connections with folks all over the Pittsburgh area from Ligonier to Coraopolis, PA.

Thanks to the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival for the fabulous time! Look for a very special Knit the Bridge lounge at the main festival event in March…


  1. Oh how wonderfully organic and beautiful is that rug!

  2. It’s a panel for the bridge!

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