Community Leaders Meeting Update

Another great meeting ideas were flowing on Saturday November 10th.  We welcomed two new leaders Kathy and Em.  Kathy learned about us at the Shaler library she’s a pro at teaching knitting and is very interested in helping to get our elder community involved.  Em an avid knitter and now crocheter is helping Marissa get a group started in the North Hills.

What’s up with our leaders?  Nancy reports the Greensburg group has met twice and is off and running.

Kirsten is scheduled to give a KtB presentation to the Golden Triangle Council for the Blind.

Coleen’s Wednesday morning group is on it’s way at 3G Gallery downtown.

 Jeanette reports that the publicity for her group at Chatham University goes out this month.

As we worked on our panels and reviewed the many meet ups that are scheduled.   Nancy reminded us to THINK about how to record our stories.  Remember to document, document!

Please collect photos, video, and written material to tell the story of how we are making connections old and new to knit the bridge!

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