Fiber Flags – A Sister Project of KtB through FI2013

Fiberart International is quickly approaching! Don’t miss Knit the Bridge’s sister outreach program, Fiber Flags – another exciting way to celebrate fiber art and connect with Pittsburgh’s own internationally renowned fiber art exhibition. Read more:

Will you make a flag for the

Fiber Arts Guild of Pittsburgh

Fiberart International 2013: Flag Chain?

a.) Example of proposed Fiber Flag Chain segment. (Each flag 6in”. x 8.5in.“)

Would you like to have something you’ve made in an international art show? Now is your chance! This April, the Fiber Arts Guild of Pittsburgh is holding the Fiber Art International Exhibition at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Society for Contemporary Craft.

Artist Tara Zalewsky-Nease is collecting drawings on cloth which she will dye and string together to make a giant chain which will be hung outside of the exhibition.

Kids and adults, artists and non-artists are encouraged to participate. It’s easy (and free) to send your flag!

Here’s how:

1. Cut a piece of blank white cloth into  a 6”in. x 8.5”in. rectangle.

2. Use a black sharpie marker to draw or doodle anything you like in the center of the cloth. Write your name, city and country at the bottom of the cloth. (Make sure to use permanent marker as the artists will dye these flags.)

3.  Mail your finshed flags to:
Tara Zalewsky-Nease
320 Woodside Rd,
Pittsburgh PA 15221, USA

4. Come to the Fiber Art International in April 2013 at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts/ Society of Contemporary Craft, see the show and find your flag!

Contact Tara at with any questions, or if you’re in the Pittsburgh area and would like this project presented to a classroom or artist group.

For more information on the Fiber Arts Guild of Pittsburgh and Fiber Art International 2013 go to:

b.) Tibetan Prayer flags

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  1. Thanks so much Amanda! Fiber Flags is so excited to be a “Sister” of KTB! 🙂


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