Dyeing to Knit the Bridge

As we are firming up insurance estimates and calculating the number of cable ties we must purchase for the installation, Knit the Bridge has been busy brainstorming creative ways to cover our various costs.

One fundraising strategy we’ve been working on involves launching an online crowd sourcing campaign.  Working with a fabulous group of Pittsburgh Filmmakers students, we’ve been creating a short film to get folks excited about Knit the Bridge and encourage them to donate any amount to help make the project possible.  We think crowd sourcing is inline with KtB’s grassroots approach because it’s dependent on normal folks, everyday knitters and crocheters and their friends and families.  Also, it’s awesome to see how lots of smaller amounts can go a long way!


Dyeing in the Monastery…

Part of these campaigns involve perks for those who contribute.  So we’ve been working on ideas ranging from stitch markers, to pattern pdfs, to an exclusive Knit the Bridge hand-dyed colorway! (and gifts for non-crafters too, like t-shirts and postcards…)

Do you know Cosette Cornelius-Bates (aka Cosy)?  She’s a local knitter/spinner/dyer/yarn shop owner and has been very committed to the Knit the Bridge cause.

So Cosy said, “Let’s offer a Knit the Bridge colorway”.

And we said, “Awesome!”.

Last week, Cosy, Tammy, Suzanne, and Amanda spent the day dyeing at St. Paul’s Monastery in the Southside Slopes. We started with Bridge Yellow. And then over-dyed three other colors to create both a warm KtB colorway 858980_4980206337430_966001658_oand a cool KtB colorway.859556_4980764671388_1497351089_o

They are beautiful!

Look for the online campaign later this spring and this yarn could be yours…


  1. […] 80 skeins have been washed and are currently drying in my basement. you can read more about them here, also about ways other than knitting and crocheting that you can support knit the bridge and maybe […]

  2. those colors are beautiful!! how do we get some to use for the project?

    1. Heather – The colors would work great for the bridge, but not the fiber. This hand-dyed is wool and we can only use acrylic/synthetic yarns for the bridge. This yarn is to help us raise money for the insurance and installation costs and will part of our online campaign this spring! Thanks for your question!

  3. where are you selling the wool, and how much?

    1. Heather the wool will be part of the online campaign and will be available when we launch it later this spring. We haven’t set the donation amounts yet, but it will be a range. These are excellent questions! You’re a step ahead of us. Email me at knitthebridge@gmail.com if you want to discuss it more…

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