What’s up with Bits-n-Pieces on Thursday Feb. 21st?

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

There are lots of ways to put a panel together.  You can begin and end a panel in one piece.   You can sew strips together or you can connect bits and pieces.  Where do these bits and pieces come from?  Many knit and crochet enthusiasts make a swatch to test the gauge before each project or have unfinished projects they don’t know what to do with.  Of course not all of us have time to make bigger pieces.  Whatever the reason  we will take all and put them to use so long as they are acrylic.

Kitty working on a panel layout

Kitty working on a panel layout

The challenge and the fun is laying out all those colorful bits and putting them together in one stunning panel.  Think of it as a puzzle or a crazy quilt of knitted patchwork.  Kitty is pictured on the right working on one layout.

Marisa (below) is working on making circles into squares so that all of those bits fit together a little more easily.  Speaking of Marisa she co-chairs bits and pieces with Cindy and hosts the meeting.  Plus her business is a drop-off point  for all things KtB and did I mention she stores stuff for us too?  Many thanks to Marisa!

Marisa making circles square

Marisa making circles square

If you don’t have time to make a full size panel or even a partial or maybe knit and crochet just ain’t your thing come help us put together bits and pieces on Thursday night 7 – 9!


  1. Myrna Ryden · · Reply

    I have alot of knitted strips from when I first started – sort of like belts. Can you use them????  If so where can I drop them off at?

    1. Probably. What are the lengths?

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