Hand knit, crochet, or try out a knitting machine!

Hand knit, crochet, or try out a knitting machine!

Remember those Blues Brothers—in their BLACK suits, BLACK hats, and BLACK sunglasses—declaring, “We’re on a mission from GOD!” ?

That’s what leaped into my mind recently while crocheting seemingly endless BLACK strips to border the panels on our bridge.  The vision personified my attempted self-motivating thoughts on the importance of this segment of KtB.  Black strips may feel less creative than designing and executing colorful panels, but they’re every bit as visually important.  The strips will be wrapped around the railings bordering each panel.  It’s the black borders that will make all that panel color pop and add the perfect visual punch.


Two railing sizes

So those working on black railing strips are on a mission from the visual gods, as it were.  Please consider making some—or one—or many!  You can knit (stockinette stitch) or crochet (double crochet).  The color (have you guessed?) is black.

Two sizes are needed:

9” x 105”            and               15” x 80”

This would be a good project for beginners or re-learners—a narrow strip, a consistent stitch, and one color can be easier (and less daunting) than a large panel.   And if you like your projects straightforward and simple, this is the one for you!

Both handworked and machine knit strips will work fine.  In fact, those with knitting machines are particularly welcome, since MANY strips are needed.  Or… if you’ve always wanted a knitting machine, this may be your perfect excuse.

So put on your sunglasses and join the mission from the visual gods!

-(Guest Post by Mary T)


  1. Starting tody 15 x80, just found my yarn!

  2. Elaine · · Reply

    Am making four 9″x105″ and four 15″x80″ panels.

  3. Sally B · · Reply

    Anyone have a guide for about how many yards would be needed for the 15″x80″ size? And about how many stitches to cast on?

  4. do you have to sign up to make a railing or can we just drop one off? still due by the 31st of July?

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