Sprout Supports Knit the Bridge!

So far Knit the Bridge has been an incredible experience with lots of occasions for learning new things… like:

  • How do I teach a 4 year old to knit? (very carefully)
  • How do I know if this yarn is acrylic? (burn it)
  • What does insurance and indemnification have to do with a bridge installation? (everything)
  • How can we most effectively reach all communities in Pittsburgh and ensure that we reduce barriers to participation? (very carefully)
  • Who’s going to take a risk on this grassroots group of stitchers and make this crazy thing happen? (The Sprout Fund)


Along with learning all about bridges and knitting, we’ve also learned a lot about how to make the project as a whole happen.  As a grassroots organism, we’ve been very successful at developing and building support among knitters and crocheters, makers, artists, designers, engineers, filmmakers, and a few good riggers (to name a few).



Now we’re entering the phase of creative fundraising and are hoping to use this groundswell to cover our costs associated with insurance, rigging, and installation.  Our online fundraising campaign will be coming soon, but in the meantime, we needed some help with the community engagement side of things – primarily how to ensure that we’re really reaching all communities in Pittsburgh and reducing barriers to participation.

Enter The Sprout Fund.Sprout Fund  Green on White

Since 2001 The Sprout Fund “has worked successfully across political and geographic boundaries to make hundreds of community-decided investments in early-stage projects, organizations, innovators, and activities.” And their Seed Award specifically supports “community-based projects and strategic initiatives. These low-threshold projects are leveraged into high-impact results that affect grassroots communities throughout the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.”


We thought that this community-based, high-impact description fit Knit the Bridge and are thrilled that The Sprout Fund thought so too!  We’re pleased to announce that The Sprout Fund’s Seed Award is supporting Knit the Bridge’s strategic community-engagement efforts.

ktbClubCards! copy

Eye-catching visual handouts to get more folks involved…

Their contribution has helped pay for the eye-catching postcards and posters (coming to a local bulletin board near you), and most importantly, has funded a part time Community Organizer/Diversity Coordinator to help focus on reaching out to communities of color and senior communities in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.  Also, check out our blog post introducing our newest team member, Community Organizer/Diversity Coordinator, LaVerne Kemp!

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