June 1st Deadline for Panels

She's turned in her panel. Have you?

She’s turned in her panel. Have you?

There are many rumors swirling around out there about when panels, parts, and railings are due.  Let’s clear up the confusion.

We now have a June 1st deadline for panels, pieces, and railings.

(For those of you who thought they were due in April, no worries – we’ll take them early!)

Follow this step-by-step guide to turning in your finished work for Knit the Bridge:

  1. Measure to confirm completed full panel size (34″x 72″), railing size (9″x 105″ or 15″x 80″), or partial panel size (14″ or 17″ square recommended).
  2. Fill out and attach label  to each and every finished panel or piece with safety pins or yarn. KtB Labels for Completed Panels
  3. Take to nearest DROP-OFF location.
  1. Turned in panel by L. Young

    Turned in panel by L. Young


  1. JUNE 1st it IS! We are stitching away to complete the panels and parts. Another reminder, folks, weave in your yarn ends. If you are making smaller parts, other than the 34 x 72″ full panel size, it’s less work for us if you attach any small pieces together to make a square or rectangle that can be combined with other’s smaller parts. And, please keep the outside edges rather straight; it’s easier to install consistently straight-edged panels.

  2. Heather Bond · · Reply

    What are the railings?

    1. Read more about the railings here: https://knitthebridge.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/railings/
      There are two railing sizes, 9″x105″ and 15″x80″. They must be done in all acrylic black yarn, garter, stockinette, or double crochet.

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