Join us tonight at the Union Project to celebrate the awesomeness of Knit the Bridge and the other awardees!



  1. jamie brinkerhoff · · Reply

    What a fabulous idea! As an avid lifetime knitter and a person who leads a knitting lifestyle, this is right up my alley. I am a native Pittsburgher, but currently reside in eastern ohio. I love the burgh for so many reasons and I would welcome the opportunity to be a part of the Knit The Bridge project. I have had educational and professional experience advocating for individuals with mental & physical challenges. I received my BA in Speech & language disorders from Duquesne University and spent the better part of my life serving others. I long for that envolvement again & to add knitting to that, that’s like Heaven! Please let me know how I may contribute to such a fun and worthwhile project.
    Best Regards,
    Jamie Brinkerhoff

    1. Jamie,

      There are several ways to contribute. Right now we need help making railings (black acrylic yarn, two sizes – 9″x105″ or 15″x80″).

      Or if you’re able to contribute financially, there’s a donate button on our website sidebar. We’re also about to launch an indiegogo campaign – more on that soon!!!

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