June 1st Panel and Pieces Deadline

June 1st is the deadline for Panels and Partial Panels.  We have enough folks signed up, but now we need you to follow through and bring us your works of art.   You can drop off your knit and crochet items at any one of our Drop-Off Points.  Please remember to attach a label (you can print one out from the drop-off point page).

Because this due date is so important to Knit the Bridge, we’re offering extra Drop-Off Sites throughout Saturday, June 1st.  Bring us your panels and pieces!  Come say hi!  We’d love to meet you in person!

May31st 5:30-9:30pm Our Panel Collection Drive begins with our early bird special at the Sprout Fund’s Summer Social Open House! (5423 Penn Ave, 15206)

Then the fun continues all day Saturday June 1st:



  1. Maria Jenkins · · Reply

    I have only just heard of this project and would love to still participate, if possible!

    1. Maria,

      There are still many ways to participate. Panels and partial panels (we recommend a 17″ square) are due very soon June 1st. But railing covers are due July 1s and we still need lots of those. Also we need help assembling pieces into full size panels, helping with the install, maintenance, and de-installation of the bridge. You can also contribute to the project financially. WE’d love for you to participate in some way!


      1. I have a partial panel completed. I would be happy to help out however else I can. 🙂

    2. Maria,

      The deadline for panels and panel pieces is June 1st – so if you’re a speedy stitcher, you could attempt a 17″ square. Otherwise there are many ways to participate including making railing covers (due July 1st), helping assemble the bits that come in into full sized panels (kind of like quilt-making), helping with the installation, maintenance and/or de-installation, or by contributing financially to our online campaign (coming soon). You’re also welcome to come to any of our on-going meet ups. We’ll be at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in June.

  2. Judith · · Reply

    If I have 8 crochet squares should I stitch them together into one large panel or would you prefer that they be dropped of as separate squares? I would love to put the 8 together ..I understand that the piece would be 2 squats wide and 4 long…is this correct.. please send me the info and what your preference would be…Judith

  3. Joy Ketter · · Reply

    Do you still need rail panels? If so, what are the dimensions?

    1. Railings – all black acrylic yarn sizes 9″x 105″ OR 15″ x 80″

  4. Joy Ketter · · Reply

    Thank you for the info. I found the sign up page, so I’m working on one now.

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