Meet the KtB Team: Marisa!



Marisa Pancheri moved to Pittsburgh over a year ago not knowing many people in her new town.  She joined Knit the Bridge and instantly gained a couple hundred new friends.  Since then Marisa has been a very important part of KtB.  Her Chiropractic office is currently housing the majority of our panels and is a favorite meeting place for KtB activity.  Learn more about Marisa and her hard work for KtB here:

1.     What is your History with Pittsburgh?

I moved to Pittsburgh in September 2011 to open my own chiropractic office, Pancheri Chiropractic.  I’m originally from the Poconos in Northeast Pennsylvania and worked in Philadelphia for six years prior to moving here.  My sister lives in Pittsburgh and I’ve fallen in love with the city over the years of coming to visit.  I wanted to settle near family so Pittsburgh was the obvious choice for me.

2.     What is your History with Fiber Art?

I learned to crochet and knit about 20 years ago from my mom’s cousin.  I didn’t do too much of either craft at that time.  I am now an avid crocheter for about the past 8 years and mostly enjoy making afghans and bags/totes.  I knit occasionally, but am not as quick or efficient with knitting.  I love making things for other people and just seeing their reactions when they received a heartfelt homemade gift.

Instant friends

Instant friends

3.     What are you most excited about doing as part of the core Knit the Bridge Team?

Marisa at Pancheri Chiropractic

Marisa at Pancheri Chiropractic

I’m excited about the whole project in general.  I enjoy having knit-ins at Pancheri Chiropractic weekly and meeting many new people.  The amount of people involved in this project is amazing and there is a wonderful sense of community.  I co-lead the Bits and Pieces Assembly Team biweekly to join the smaller pieces received into full size panels.

We want to make sure as many people as possible from the community can contribute to this project, which can be accomplished by allowing individuals who are unable to complete a full panel to submit a piece instead.  Seeing these pieces come together is making some great and unique panels that otherwise would not have been created.  I can’t wait to see the final project in its entirety on the bridge!

4.     What do you see as the challenges?

There are many challenges as with every project.  Each step of the way provides a new set of obstacles to overcome.  An initial challenge was having enough people from the community involved to make this a reality; however, at this time that no longer seems to be an issue.  There are several challenges presented in completing all the required paperwork, but that is also coming along and another challenge that has passed.  I guess the next challenge is getting all the panels turned in by the deadline on June 1st before any of the pre-installation preparation can occur and receiving a large amount of black railing covers that will have an extended deadline of July 1st.

5.     How can others support your work with KtB?

 We still need knitters and crocheters working on the black railing covers, as well as donations of black yarn to use for those railings.  We can use extra people-power to help with the pre-installation preparation, as well as the actual installation.  There are many ways to participate and be involved with this community project even if you don’t knit or crochet.  KtB will be having an online fundraising campaign to help fund different aspects of the project, details will follow as soon as they are available.

One Panel Down...

One Panel Down…

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