Meet the KtB Team: Laura!

Laura teaches new knitters

Laura teaches new knitters

While some KtB Team members are quite visible, others tend to be more behind the scenes.  Meet Laura Tabakman, fiber artist and Knit the Bridge treasurer.  Laura keeps us on task and is a whiz with a spreadsheet.  Read more about her here:

1.What is your History with Pittsburgh?
I moved to Pittsburgh 15 years ago and love it more every year.

2. What is your History with Fiber Art?

I started weaving when I was 12, making my own little looms. These days I print on fabric and make jewelry and mixed media installations.

Laura Tabakman (center) at Handmade Arcade

Laura Tabakman (center) at Handmade Arcade

3. What are you most excited about doing as part of the core Knit the Bridge Team?

At the Children's Museum

At the Children’s Museum

An art project involving a whole county – what’s not to like! I love the artistic part of the project, the community aspect, solving problems as they come up, and of course the fact that all this will be donated afterwords. I really enjoy our knit-ins, meeting with my community of friends to knit together.
My job as part of the core team is probably the least glamorous (treasurer) but I am excited about the support we are receiving from foundations and the community at large as well.

4. What do you see as the challenges?

We  are getting great support, but we still need to raise a considerable amount of money to be able to take the project to the finish line.

5. How can others support your work with KtB?

We started an online campaign to raise funds and it would be great if EVERYONE would share it with their friends, even if they are not able to contribute at this time, let other people know about it. we can use every donation, no matter how small!

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