82% of Allegheny County!

Spreading the Regional word a the Three Rivers Arts Fest

Spreading the Regional Word at the Three Rivers Arts Fest

Knit the Bridge is an ambitious project – in many ways. Not only will it be the largest yarnbomb in the United States, EVER… with thousands of participants, but it also aims to accurately represent the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

One way that we’re measuring this participation is through mapping neighborhoods, townships and boroughs, Southwestern Pennsylvanian counties, U.S. states, and even a few international countries.

When folks sign up to participate or when they turn in their artwork, we ask them to share what city neighborhood, Allegheny County township/borough, regional county, state, or country they’re from.

Participating City Neighborhoods

Participating City Neighborhoods

Since Pittsburgh neighborhoods and surrounding townships tend to be segregated by race, class, and ethnicity mapping geographic participation has been one way to measure the diversity and accessibility of the project.

Pittsburgh has 90 neighborhoods (http://pittsburghneighborhoods.blogspot.com/). To date, Knit the Bridge has participation from 72 out of those 90 hoods – that’s 80%! While some parts of the city were easily reached through the Fiberarts Guild’s networks (especially those in the East End), other parts of town were more difficult to come by (lower density neighborhoods and those in the west and north of the city).

Allegheny County Participation by Municipality

Allegheny County Participation by Municipality

Likewise, our goal is to have participation of every Allegheny County municipality. Allegheny County has 130 municipalities (http://www.alleghenycounty.us/munimap/index.asp) – the most in any Pennsylvanian county! So we had a lot of work to do. Currently, Knit the Bridge is proud to say that we have 106 out of 130 county townships and boroughs – making up 82%.

We wanted to ensure that every knitter, crochet, and yarnbomb enthusiast who wanted to get involved had the opportunity, so halfway through this journey we analyzed what which geographic areas we still needed and targeted those areas.

We’re still in need of neighborhoods and townships in order to meet our goals. In fact donating to our campaign is one way to represent your area.

So if you live in East Carnegie, Ridgemont, Fineview, Rosslyn Farms, Trafford, Wall, or Frazer (or even if you don’t) please consider supporting this project!

106/130 Allegheny County Townships! That's 82%

106/130 Allegheny County Townships! That’s 82%

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods that KtB still needs participation from:

Arlington, Arlington Heights, Bon Air, Duquesne Heights, East Allegheny, East Carnegie, Esplen, Fairywood, Fineview, Hays, Marshall-Shadeland, New Homestead, Northview Heights, Ridgemont, Spring Garden, Summer Hill, Terrace Village, Westwood, Windgap


Allegheny County Municipalities KtB still needs participation from:

Bradford Woods, Dravosburg, Duquesne, East Deer, Frazer, Glenfield, Haysville, Kennedy, Leet, Leetsdale, Neville Island, Pennsbury Village, Pitcairn, Rosslyn Farms, South Versailles, Springdale, Stowe, Trafford, Versailles, Wall, West Elizabeth, West Homestead, White Oak, Wilmerding


  1. Wendy Lau · · Reply

    I’d like to help by knitting or crocheting a panel. Is it too late? I live in Bradford Woods.

    1. Bradford Woods! We need you! We still need railings (all black acrylic yarn, two sizes 9″x105 or 15″ x80″). If you think you could get a panel done super speedy – like in the next week or so we’d be bale to take it. Panels are 34″ x 72″ all acrylic no letters, no numbers, no representational imagery. Please email us if you have other questions knitthebridge@gmail.com and sign up on the blog. We are thrilled to have Bradford Woods!!

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