Westmoreland County Knits the Bridge

Amy (on right) knits at DV8 Espresso Bar and Gallery in Greensburg, the main meeting place for KtB's Westmoreland contingent.

Amy Rustic (on right) knits at DV8 Espresso Bar and Gallery in Greensburg, the main meeting place for KtB’s Westmoreland contingent.

Community Leader and guest blogger Amy Rustic talks about Westmoreland involvement from the Greensburg area.  From the start Knit the Bridge has had great support from stitchers in every Southwestern Pennsylvanian county.  Amy’s group formed in the Greensburg area and were responsible for at least (and this could be a total underestimation) 20 panels and many railings.  Learn more about their community story here.:

When I heard about the Knit the Bridge project, I knew I had to get involved.  I also thought it was a project perfectly suited to restarting knitting at DV8.  A few years back, we had a great group of knitters who would meet regularly at DV8, working on our own projects.  The group dwindled, we know how this happens- we all have lots to do and little time!
I proposed to the owner Terrie Barill holding Knit the Bridge knitting and crocheting events at DV8, a great coffee shop and gallery space in Greensburg.  She loved the idea and the project.  We had so many people drop by and participate in the project!  We assumed we’d only get a few panels and we exceeded that expectation by leaps and bounds.
Amy with DV8 owner Terrie Barill holding up a panel.

Amy with DV8 owner Terrie Barill holding up a panel.

One of the great events we were able to help with was promoting knitting, crocheting, fiber arts and Knit the Bridge at a monthly happy hour, Art on Tap, at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art in Greensburg.  Volunteers demonstrated spinning, knitting and crocheting, and we did a “make and take” bracelet project.  The event was highly attended, and lots of people were excited to hear about the Knit the Bridge project.
While group knitting for the project has ended, the DV8 group has decided to recommence working on a project together as a whole in the Fall.  We hope to knit winter items for a local women’s shelter, or somewhere in need. The group has discussed other ways we can continue to work to help out community.  The group really found that working towards a common goal was a great, invigorating project.
We can’t wait to see the Bridge all decked out!
Written by Amy Rustic


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