IBEW Local 5

These folks know cable ties

These folks know cable ties

How do we get

600 handmade panels,

600 railings,

116,688 square feet of hand knit, crochet, and woven materials,

3,000 linear feet of machine knit material,

on to 900 yards of construction fencing and up, over, and around the bridge?


With 19,000 cable ties of course!

And who knows cable ties better than the folks who work with them every day  –  the good men and women of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No. 5.

Mary Towner swims in the cable ties.

Mary Towner swims in the cable ties.


The IBEW Local 5 has generously donated thousands of cable ties (also known as zip ties) to Knit the Bridge and we are pleased as punch to be swimming in these ties.

These cable ties will be used in several ways.  In assembly and prep, we’re using them to create our construction fencing prototypes.  We’re using the ties to secure the machine knit material on to the construction fencing for the towers.  We’re even using them on the ground level installation – to secure the handmade panels and railings tightly to the bridge structure.

Knit the Bridge is a project that wouldn’t be happening without the many individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, and local government entities that are contributing in so many different ways.  Each way is important and every contribution matters.  We’re grateful that the IBEW Local 5 stepped up and provided these critical materials.

Thank you IBEW Local 5!

IBEW Local 5 Jurisdiction

IBEW Local 5 Jurisdiction


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