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Knit the Bridge has officially launched our indiegogo campaign…  and folks are wondering what in the world that is…

Indiegogo is an online fundraising campaign (you may be familiar with Kickstarter) that uses a fundraising strategy called crowd sourcing.  It’s a way for us to raise funds just like we’ve created Knit the Bridge.  Everyone pitches in a few stitches (or a few dollars) and we end up with a community-made and community-funded piece of public art.

You get a perk when you donate to the campaign:

KtB costs include everything from insurance and permitting to cable ties and other installation equipment.  We’re also trying to raise money for a big party (you’re invited) and to cover some of the many miles and hours our core team has put in over the past year.  And if our indiegogo campaign is successful, we might even be able to consider things like a documentary to capture the installation and community involvement.

We will use this amount along with your in-kind donations (of yarn, time, and love) and contributions from local foundations (Sprout Fund, Pittsburgh Foundation, Colcom Foundation) to meet our total budget.  Please consider supporting Knit the Bridge’s indiegogo campaign and sharing it with your friends and family!

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  1. Karen Gross · · Reply

    Try this link below for the video…it worked for me. Karen

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