In less than a month, our community-led art project is scheduled to final go up on the Andy Warhol Bridge. And like our Indiegogo campaign, donations, and need for railings, we need your help!

You can start by signing up using the box to your right and selecting the “Helping with the Installation/De-Installation” check or by emailing us at knitthebridge@gmail.com.

Here are some rules:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Attend an hour-long training at Spinning Plate* (Training dates: Thurs July 25, 7-8pm; Sat July 27, 11-noon; Sun July 28, 1-2pm; Wed July 31st, 1-2pm)
  • Sign up for at least one 3 hour shift – multiple shifts are welcome and can be worked over the course of the day or the weekend
  • Sign the Knit the Bridge Volunteer Waiver form

Installation takes place August 10th and 11th, so keep in mind it could get very HOT! Wear comfortable clothing and we’ll provide water and some nourishment.

Once our project is over on  September 7th and 8th, it will also need to be removed. You can also sign up to volunteer for those dates as well.

*The Spinning Plate is located at 5720 Friendship Ave, 15206 in East Liberty.  Please enter on Baum Blvd.  There is on-street parking and additional parking at the Whole Foods East Side complex.

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  1. Kim Mitchell · · Reply

    See you July 27 th

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