Washington Countians Support Knit the Bridge!

Connie and Rita

Connie and Rita

We are 48 strong, hailing from Burgettstown, Canonsburg, Cecil, Finleyville, Hanover, Houston, Monongahela, McMurray, Peters, Roscoe, South Strabane, and Washington.  We don’t all know each other, but we have a common purpose—transforming the Warhol Bridge with awesome fiber art!  Some of us are pre-existing knitting and crochet groups, some are KtB splinter groups, and others simply fell in love with the project as individuals.  Sort of like all the other Bridge participants!

Maria Dayka heard about the project from a colleague.  She and her friend Janice Kincaid, both members of a knitting group, formed a sub-group to knit the bridge.  Together they’ve produced several panels, knitting sections for each one and collaborating to piece them together into finished panels.  Lately they’ve also been helping out at the Spinning Plate.

Washington County Participants

Washington County Participants – Janice and Maria

KtB Peters began as a “Knitting for Good” group, working on such projects as blankets for AIDS children in Africa and hats and blankets

Visiting Spinning Plate

Visiting Spinning Plate

for premies in local hospitals.  They had temporarily disbanded when along came Knit the Bridge, and they became fired up to start meeting again.  Beginning at Panera in McMurray, they recently discovered the fun comradery of adding dinner at a member’s home to the working meet-up—they may never look back!

One member’s husband has quipped, “What on earth will you do with your hands once Knit the Bridge is over??”

– Guest Post by Mary Towner, Washington County Resident, Knit the Bridge Community Leader, Fiberarts Guild Member, Creative Problem Solver, and Fabulous Human Being

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