Meet the KTB Team: Mary Towner

Meet Fiberarts Guild member and key Knit the Bridge team member, Mary Towner.  Mary has been instrumental in moving KtB forward through her positive energy, creative ideas, and regional connections. Learn more about Knit the Bridge behind the scenes team member here.

1.What is your History with Pittsburgh?

I moved here 11 years ago knowing almost no one.  I was astonished to discover the vitality of Pittsburgh’s arts community.  A good friend got me involved with the Fiberarts Guild, which has become not just a group of friends but my second family.  I’m head-over-heels in love with Pittsburgh.


Mary buried in work!

2. What is your History with Fiber Art?

Long!  Decades, let’s just say.  I started in painting, worked in ceramics, then realized my affinity for soft/textural/fibrous materials and have never looked back.  I’ve worked in felting, printing, embroidery, beading, and my new love, crochet.  These days I’m combining fiber with other media (I was delighted recently to discover the word “obtainium”).

3. What are you most excited about doing as part of the core Knit the Bridge Team?

Crochet, crochet, crochet!  I’d learned it just before KtB started, which gave me the serendipitous opportunity to exercise my newfound fanaticism.  I’m also thrilled to have helped, through my husband, to put KtB in touch with some cool people who have skills/materials/equipment to really help the project.

4. What do you see as the challenges?

This entire project has been loaded with challenges, some of which the mere thought has set me trembling!  But nothing has daunted the Amanda/Penny/Kitty/Jenny team and all the folks helping them.  It’s magical that every road block has been solved, and I’m sure will continue to be.



5. How can others support your work with KtB?

Help with installation and later, upkeep and take-down.  Donate; even small amounts help.  Keep spreading the word!  Knit the Bridge will be dynamite once it’s up and will awe Pittsburghers and probably the world!

Mary created this lovely panel for the KTB

Mary created this lovely panel for KTB.

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