Training sessions this Saturday and Sunday!

The first Knit the Bridge installation training was a success. We were expecting 40 and had 60 attendees! We learned a lot and hope our volunteers did too. We’re looking forward to this Saturday’s (11 a.m.) and Sunday’s (1 p.m. ) trainings.

Fiberarts Guild Vice President, Sherri Roberts had this to say about her experience:
“I went to tonight’s training for helping with KtB installation. First, the line for helpers coming to sign up was out the door. Second, as a recent new visitor suggested, all of the organized and folded panels give off their own vibe. If you haven’t already stuck your nose in at Spinning Plates Gallery, go! You’ll be glad you did!”

Reminder: Everyone who helps install on the bridge MUST attend a training and sign 2 waiver forms (one for KtB and one for the county)

And for extra credit – after attending the training anyone is welcome to come and practice the ground level installation on our bridge model during our regular hours. Practice makes perfect!

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