Last call for railings: Due tomorrow July 31st!

Tomorrow is our deadline for the black railings and we still need as many as we can get! These will be used to border our panels on the bridge.

Remember these requirements when making your railings:

  • Black acrylic yarn only
  • Double crochet, stockinette or garter knit
  • Either 9″ x 105″ or 15″ x 80″

You can then drop off your completed railings here at The Spinning Plate (5720 Friendship Avenue, enter on Baum Blvd) or any of our drop-off locations.

One comment

  1. joy ketter · · Reply

    The railings coming from Texas were delivered by UPS to Spinning Plate this evening, July 31. The package was signed for by Mateer. Thank you for letting me participate in this project. It was great fun. I only wished I lived closer, so I could see it in person.

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