Celebrate with us on August 25th!

August is here, which means not only is the installation coming up, but also our Knit the Bridge Party! Want to help out? We can use volunteers to help with face painting, screen printing, bubble making, and other fun activities! Email us at knitthebridge@gmail.com and use the subject ART PARTY. So mark your calenders for August 25th from 3-7 p.m on the Andy Warhol Bridge.

Here is what it is all about:

Over 1,500 makers plus all their family and friends will have an opportunity to celebrate the stunning artwork they helped to create. A celebration on the bridge will allow the diverse community of makers, representing over 92% (and growing) of Allegheny County neighborhoods the chance to see, touch and experience Knit the Bridge first hand. Teenagers, seniors, children, people with disabilities, people of every gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality and race, finding common ground in something they made, together. Such a celebration will position Pittsburgh and Allegheny as leaders on the national and international stage.

Families, friends and volunteers, members of the communities who Knit the Bridge together and visitors traveling from far and wide to see this amazing feat will be greeted at either end of the bridge by Welcoming booths. These Welcoming booths, covered in knitted panels matching the bridge’s new facade, will provide information about the KtB project, the contributors, the history of yarn-bombing and the festivities of the KtB celebration.

Sighted guides will be available to members of the blind and visually impaired community to explore Knit the Bridge through touch, making it one of the only truly accessible public art projects. These guides will also assist the several members of this community who contributed their own panels to locate them. Accommodations will be in place for wheelchair users and other community members with limited mobility. An ASL interpreter will be available for public announcements and speeches.

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  1. Nancy Powell · · Reply

    Pon’t forget all the contributors from surrounding counties!

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