Team Cranberry Squared

This post is from one of our awesome community leaders, Team Cranberry Squared!

Team Cranberry Squared  is proud to represent Cranberry Township, PA in Butler County for Knit the Bridge.   We are a team of 50 Cranberry Residents, in partnership with Cranberry Township  Girl Scouts and our Cranberry Public Library.

Our team was headed by 4 members of  Girl Scout Troop 20668:  Katie Bablak, Sydni McConnell, Kara Ristey, (ages 12)   and Patti Ristey, one of our Girl Scout Troop Leaders.

Katie, Sydni and Kara assisted Patti in teaching 3 Cranberry Girl Scout Troops to knit.  We were also supported by Rachael Trioanos, Youth Librarian at our Cranberry Public Library and enjoyed presenting at a Teen Art Club meeting.   Many Library patrons graciously knit rows on a square that was stationed in our Library.    Thanks to all the knitters who attended one of our events, learned to knit, helped weave in ends and cheered on our efforts!

Pictured:  Back Row- Katie, Sydni and Kara with members of Girl Scout Troop 20520


Happy Girl Scouts in Troop 20520 at work


Pictured below:  Our completed Cranberry Squared Panel with Team Members Savannah, Patti , Katie and Kara in front of the Cranberry Schoolhouse


Every Cranberry Twp resident knows the “blue square” in our Municipal Building located right off Rt. 19.  It is home to our Library, Police Department , Senior Center, Parks and Recreation Department and Township Headquarters.    Our panel is made of 36 individual knit 8×8 inch squares in many shades of cranberry red.   The upper right corner of our panel is a square of blue and green- our Knit the Bridge panel has a little piece of  “blue square” to show our appreciation for our community!  Team Cranberry Squared is thrilled to participate in this historic & dynamic art event in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Marsetta Lane Staffing · · Reply

    Great job Team Cranberry Squared! How wonderful the girlscouts got involved! When my boss, Marsetta of Marsetta Lane Staffing, came to me with the inspiration to get involved in this unique community project, I wanted to bring this to my daughter’s girl scout troop. Unfortunately, we found out about this project just a little too late to involve her whole girlscouting troop. So, my daughter (Caelyn) and I took on this project under the guidance of Marsetta as my daughter and I are very novice knitters! It proved to be a wonderful bonding experience for my daughter and I. We learned the basics together as we crocheted row by row.

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