Did you RSVP to our party yet?

Knit the Bridge Art Party August 25

Don’t forget, our KtB Party is scheduled for Sunday, August 25th, from 3 until 7 p.m. on the Andy Warhol Bridge. You can RSVP to the event through Facebook HERE!

Not only will your RSVP help us plan better, but it will also remind you by notification the day of the party. It will help make getting messages out about the event easier, too. And once you RSVP, spread the word and share the event with friends!


  1. Margie Smith · · Reply

    I’ll be out of town and unable to attend….but I’ll be there in spirit. Wish I could be in two place at one time. Have a grand party and celebration.

  2. Audrey Diggs · · Reply

    rsvp to the party on august 25th 2013

  3. janet higginson · · Reply

    Jan Higginson, there will be 2 of us

  4. Audrey Diggs · · Reply

    audrey diggs rsvp to the knit the bridge party thank you

  5. Hi! It’s really nice to pay a visit on your blog.
    Just wanna congratulate you for the success of this event. Hope you all had fun. Have a blessed day from us here in finger food catering Brisbane

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