Almost Time For Installation!

The weekend we have been preparing months and months for is finally here: installation! With help from all our awesome volunteers, we will be yarn-bombing the Andy Warhol Bridge this Saturday, August 10th and Sunday, August 11th. We will be giving away these water bottles to all our volunteers to help keep them hydrated throughout the process!


If you want to watch the yarn-bombing in action, the best spots are on the 6th and 9th Street Bridges.


  1. · · Reply

    Congratulations on all your hard work! Can’t wait to see the finished bridge. Everyone is talking about it.

  2. I hope there will be a LOT of pictures! I’m very interested to see the process.

  3. Jeanette McCabe · · Reply

    I am so bummed I won’t be able to help out with this fabulous project. Leaving 7am Saturday morning for the beach….Can’t wait to come back and see it! Have a great weekend.

  4. this will be a wonderful sight! Every one be safe and enjoy the excitment.

  5. Let me know if you need extra hands. Didn’t train, but have some time to provide support.

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