Meet the KtB Team: Martha Wasik!

You might not have seen Fiberarts Guild and KtB Team member Martha Wasik before, but you definitely know her work.  Martha is the graphic design talent behind Knit the Bridge’s print and graphic materials, which have played a critical role in communicating Knit the Bridge’s vision even before the first panels were stitched.  If there’s an FGP project or event, most likely Martha had her hands in it.  Learn more about Martha and her work for KtB here…
Looks closely, Martha is almost always behind a guild project or event

Looks closely, Martha is almost always behind a guild project or event

1.What is your History with Pittsburgh?

We moved here in 1992, one of the first things I did was join the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh.  I immediately liked Pittsburgh because it had everything (and more) that you would want in a city, but it was not so big as to swallow you up.

2. What is your History with Fiber Art?

I have always loved fabric—the design, feel & properties of the different kinds. Without fabric… What would we wear?

You know Martha's work

You know Martha’s work

3. What are you most excited about doing (or having done) as part of the core Knit the Bridge Team?

To be a part of this event,  in a way that I hope propelled it forward by creating the graphic design & printed materials, was truly a privilege. (even though I never finished by panel!)

4. What do you see as the challenges?


5. How can others support your work with KtB?

Go see it.  If the materials I created on caught your attention, I succeeded in my job.


  1. Coleen Rush · · Reply

    A talented designer who generously gives of her time and talents to the Guild. She deserves thanks and praise aplenty. Thank you Martha!

  2. Rhoda Taylor · · Reply

    I can’t imagine Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh without Martha. She designs and puts together beautiful catalogs of all our shows and advertising material. She puts together our yearly directory, etc. Thanks so much Martha.

  3. Patti Ristey · · Reply

    I am using one of your postcards in our Girl Scout Scrapbook for our Bridge page! Thank you!

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