3 More Days!

Including this evening there are only 3 more days to get down and see Knit the Bridge.

What goes up must come down - Photo cred Rhonda Pegg

What goes up must come down – Photo cred Rhonda Pegg

You heard it correctly, the installation will be coming down this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, September 7-8.  If you want to help us take it down, a bittersweet, but very important part of the project please send us an email knitthebridge@gmail.com saying you want to help de-install.  We need the most help on Saturday, especially the morning and day shifts beginning at 7am.


Check out this awesome night shot by Ruth Hendricks.  Funny thing is Amanda was monitoring the bridge that night and waved to the boats.  Can you spot her on the bridge?


And a sweet gigapan by Robert Duda: http://gigapan.com/gigapans/139140


  1. Thank you for the pingback. Many readers liked the night shot with the boats.

  2. Pascoe-Conteen, Andrea (CDC/NIOSH/OMSHR) · · Reply

    They should let you keep this up through the Pirate victory season!!!!

    Love this bridge. Thanks!

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