A Final Look at the Maps

As those of you who’ve been following the Knit the Bridge adventures know, we’ve had a goal of 100% participation from each and every Pittsburgh neighborhood and Allegheny County municipality… and, we got pretty darn close!

We added Glen Hazel this week. 82/90 = 91%

We added Glen Hazel this week. 82/90 = 91%

We use the term “participation” broadly.  Part of the design of KtB included having many different ways that folks could participate, thus honoring the various skills and resources individuals and communities have and creating an inclusive model so that anyone interested in contributing in some way could – and it mattered.

Very proud of our 124/130 municipalities = 95%!!

Very proud of our 124/130 municipalities = 95%!!

We don’t know for sure if there were folks from the 8 neighborhoods and 6 municipalities at the Community Celebration or that enjoyed the bridge close up or from afar, but we did manage to track participation from 82 Pittsburgh City neighborhoods and 124 Allegheny County municipalities – a very exciting feat!  And of course, we must mention that we had participation from EVERY surrounding county in the region, not to mention regionally in West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and New Jersey and many more around the country and world.

The counties of Pa that participated

The counties of Pennsylvania that participated

Go Team!


  1. Lynn Anne · · Reply

    And Omaha, Nebraska!

  2. Paula Holmes · · Reply

    do you have a list of communities to match the corresponding numbers on the map?

    1. yes, but there are several lists, not all in one place publicly. to see the corresponding map key for the Allegheny COunty map go to: http://www.alleghenycounty.us/munimap/index.asp

  3. Barbara J Hoak · · Reply

    There were three of us from Glastonbury, CT. who contributed railing covers. Formerly Harmar Township.

  4. I submitted from Harrisburg, Dauphin County!

  5. And Bogart, Georgia!

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