With Panels Practically All Delivered, Railings and Tower Pieces Get a Second Life

Photo by Deanna Garcia/90.5 wesa

Photo by Deanna Garcia/90.5 wesa

It’s been over a month since Knit the Bridge came down.  My, how time flies!  We wanted to share with a quick update of how your lovingly hand-stitched panels and railings are enjoying life after the bridge.

Photo by Deanna Garcia/90.5 wesa Knit the Bridge's Amanda Gross (left) and Light of Life's Bill Rhoades and Kate Wadsworth show off some of the donated panels.

Photo by Deanna Garcia/90.5 wesa Knit the Bridge’s Amanda Gross (left) and Light of Life’s Bill Rhoades and Kate Wadsworth show off some of the donated panels.

The panels had a quick turn around time and were laundered the Sunday and Monday after the installation came down.  We had to scramble to contact all of the agencies and shelters and quickly arrange a drop-off.  We found that many organizations expressed an interest in the panels-turned-blankets and delivered over 700 total to locations in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties.  Organizations who helped us distribute and/or received blanket donations include:

  • Alle-Kiske Hope Center
  • Ambridge Center for Hope
  • Butler County Humane Society
  • Center for Victims
  • Family Promise
  • Homeless Children’s Education Fund
  • Kane Regional Center Glen Hazel
  • Light of Life Mission
  • Operation Safety Net
  • Westmoreland Animal Friends
  • Westmoreland Detention/Juvenile Shelter
  • Women’s Center and Shelter

For more on wesa’s article (photos above) go to: http://wesa.fm/post/after-yarn-bomb-knit-bridge-panels-donated-area-shelters

Panels on their way. Photo by Penny

Panels en route…

We should also mention that they were so well received!  They were oohed and ahhed over.  Plus it was very rewarding to deliver them and know that they’re going to a new home with people and in some cases animals, who will love and use them.


Now what?  You might ask.  Well, there’s still plenty of re-purposing work to do.  We’re sorting railings and using those to assemble more blankets, embellish as scarves, re-use for other installations… really the possibilities are endless.  So if you want to help tackle some of those or if you have fabulous ideas for a couple (we have many to re-purpose), please contact us at knitthebridge@gmail.com .

Railings to re-purpose!

Railings to re-purpose!

And… not to be forgotten, the tower pieces are entering a second phase as well.  Like the panels and railings, the tower pieces were in excellent condition when they came down.  A little bit of laundering and voila!  Stay tuned for what Venise and Penny have in mind…



  1. What a terrific update. Love the photo of the washing machine window portrait.

  2. moby cato · · Reply


    I think those could best be used ” as is” in Animal crates at the shelters or at vet offices all in the name of COMFORT. OR it might be helpful to those with the animals to sew them across at the bottom so they don’t get all wound up in the washing machines while laundering repeatedly. The animals won’t mind if the railings are just folded and placed in an “artistic” and comfy way. I do know vets office often ask an look for use towels and other linens as well. Happy to be part of this historic event . Thanks for all YOUR efforts. Sincerely, moby

  3. you’re doing yeoman’s (yeowomen’s) work with the panels…congratulations and thanks for your contribution to our city…

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