Railing Redux – Take Two!

The railing re-purposing action continues at Knit the Bridge.

Possibly they've been multiplying at night...

Possibly they’ve been multiplying at night…

Close to 100 railings-turned scarves were delivered to the Allegheny YMCA before Thanksgiving. Blanket kits were assembled and then distributed (we have a couple left).  Students at the Environmental Charter School are using the kits to make 20-30 more blankets for donation.  Animal enthusiasts have converted our longest and curliest railings into pet beds, inspired by Marty Ressler who was recently in the news for her innovative design (click here to read the article).

That leaves us with (only) a few hundred railings left to re-purpose! Many KtBers have taken on the railings redux challenge and have come up with creative ways to turn railing covers into fabulous useable items. Read more about re-purposing ideas and examples below.

Inspired? Want to add your creative ideas to the mix?  Contact us at knitthebridge@gmail.com and get a few railings to play with.

1. Blanket Kits

There a a limited number of prepared kits left, but all size railings can be re-purposed into blankets with a little re-sizing and joining.

Judy's stylish handiwork turning railings into blankets with the crocheted seam and border.

Judy’s stylish handiwork turning railings into blankets with the crocheted seam and border.

And instructions so you can make your own BLANKET KIT :


(Above: Sally’s Steelers Blanket is getting a lot of kitty love.)

Contains 3 or 4 former Knit the Bridge railing pieces

Attach them side-by-side with acrylic yarn, either crocheted or sewn, to make a blanket.

Make any repairs needed (holes, raveling, etc.). If needed, rip out or add rows to make the lengths uniform.

If there’s curling at the edges: The interior edges will lie flat when pieced together.

Outside edges: crochet or hem (fold over, sew with blanket or hem stitch)

Blankets will be donated to shelters and homeless people, men and women. You can be creative, but it’s important that they be sturdy more than flashy. Yarn color is your choice, but think utilitarian.

Deadline: Fiberarts Guild Potluck Fundraiser
January 23, 2014 10-2:30
Pgh. Center for the Arts, 5th and Shady Avenues, Shadyside

2. Railing to Scarf + Hat

Gina got fancy and took an extra long railing piece, unraveled one of the ends to knit a hat.  She added a second color in the hat and as a border and VOILA! a matching scarf hat set!


Railing cover 105″ plus?? No worries. Downsize it with Gina’s creative solution and get a hat to boot!


And a second take on railings to scarf + hat from Delli:

Why not making colorful hats to go with the scarfs — maybe for women’s/kids shelters? Attached hat & scarf set  = result of testing one strip.  One could also make fingerless/texting gloves & still have a long enough scarf.

16″ x 90″ crocheted piece with end corner edge unraveling. I used the end yarn to cast on 96 sts on #7 circulars.  (I knit hats as any multiple of 8 sts — which helps with eyelets, ribbing, decreases, etc.).  You can always add a st. to make it uneven = seed st, spiral, etc.

Knitting straight off the crocheted piece, did a K1, P1 ribbing about 2″

I wing the next approx. 5 ” — this one has 2 eyelet rows  *(k6, yo, k2tog)* repeat entire round.  Using a contrasting color yarn, twisted into a rope to weave in & out of the eyelets.  You can also knit a 3st I-cord, but I’m always trying to get on to next project — so take shortcuts.  Gives person opportunity to adjust the circumference of the hat — to fit more snug/loose.

Did the standard decrease:
*(k6, k2tog)* for one round.  Next and every other round is a knit round.
Then the usual progression of odd rows: *(k5, k2tog)*; *(k4, k2tog)*; *(k3, k2tog)*; *(k2, k2tog)*; *(k1, k2tog)*; *(k2tog)*; switching somewhere near 48 sts to DPN’s
With the last 12 sts, I take each one off & crochet a chain loop — to create a “poof” at the top.  Secure the crown with tapestry needle. One can knit or crochet bright acrylic flowers to decorate a plain black hat. Beads?  Whatever floats your imagination.

Finished hat = 18″ to 22″ circumference x 10″ depth.  Remaining scarf is 60″ long.

Note:  will try #8 needles whenever I do next one.

Hat + Scarf by Delli

Hat + Scarf by Delli

3. Railing to Scarf with Pockets!

You might have noticed, but Judy’s been hard at work. She took another extremely long railing, doubled it over and added pockets at the ends.

Railings turned scarf with pockets by Judy

Railings turned scarf with pockets by Judy!

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    I could do a repurposing project on Friday at Ann’s . where can I get some railings? Jean T

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