Inspired by KtB…

Inspired by Knit the Bridge, the Monroeville Library is yarn-bombing itself. And they’re looking for knit and crocheters to help out.

We’ve posted their call for artists below. Please contact Sally at with Blanket the Library” as the subject line for info or questions.

Dear Artist:

I am sending you this announcement since you are on my Gallery Space list of artists. You may not be a knitter or quilter, but you may know someone who is, so I am hoping you can begin to spread the word about this special event.

Monroeville Public Library turns 50 this year! Throughout 2014 there will be celebrations at the Library and across Monroeville. As part of that celebration the Library is inviting you to help Blanket the Library in October 2014.

You may have read about or even visited Knit the Bridge in downtown Pittsburgh last year when the entire 7th Street Bridge was covered with knitting, much of it in the form of blankets. This project was a way to bring diverse communities together to create a large-scale art installation in the celebration of the history of Pittsburgh and its art communities.

We would like to do something similar in celebration of the Library’s 50th birthday. So, we’ve decided to Blanket the Library! We hope to create a fascinating piece of installation art which will ask viewers to transform their perception of Library, celebrate the arts, and give back to the community.

Land or Installation art like “yarn bombing” has been happening all over the country recently. It is a fun way to celebrate a public space. Unlike graffiti, yarn bombing (covering objects or surfaces with knitted or crocheted pieces) can be done without any damage to historic structures and is temporary and easily removable. We hope to have enough artists and craftspeople participate in Blanket the Library to cover as much of the interior space of the library as possible! (Books and computers will still be accessible, but everything else is fair game!)

We are asking groups and individuals to create blankets, shawls and scarves which will be on exhibit all over the interior space of the library from October 6 – 31, 2014. After the exhibition, all donations will be laundered and then distributed to shelters, care facilities, and other agencies in Monroeville.

Blankets, shawls and scarves can be made with any fabric or yarn as long as they are completely washable (please refrain from adding any embellishments since blankets will be donated to small children). In order for installers to prepare for the event we are asking that all items be as close to the requested sizes as possible: blankets: 36”x36”, shawls: 22”x50”, scarves: 6”x45”.

Your items can be dropped off at the library from September 28 – October 4, 2014. If you would like your donation to be catalogued (so you can find it easily during exhibition) please pin your name/group name to the item.  Items can, however, be donated anonymously. Drop the items in the designated receptacle in Gallery Space (staff at the circulation desk can direct you) during Library hours.

If you would like to help distribute items after the exhibition, or if your organization needs blankets, shawls or scarves, please let us know and we can make arrangements.

Questions? Please email Sally at with Blanket the Library in the subject line. 

Please feel free to pass this information along to any other artist, crafter, knitter, crocheter, quilter, church group, guild or anyone whom you think might want to get involved with creating, distributing or receiving items

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