Fiberart International 2016 – Call for Flowers

Knit the Bridge was the outreach project of Fiberart International 2013.

 So what’s the plan for Fiberart International 2016’s outreach???

Pop des Fleurs!

(join the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh as we embark on our next community public art adventure!)


We’re delighted to announce it’s time to start work on Pop des Fleurs, the outreach arm of the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh’s Fiberart International 2016. We’ll be creating pop-up outdoor gardens of handmade flowers to bring delight and color to Pittsburgh during the winter months of 2016.
Project Timeline:
Phase One: Prototyping, Testing, and Small-Scale Installations, working primarily within the Fiberarts Guild:
 October 2014 – January 2015: Make several hundred flowers for the test install. Begin gathering materials according to materials guidelines. Begin to involve local schools.
Phase Two: Evaluating and Refining, Widening our Scope. 
 March 2015: De-install test. Evaluate for success and determine refinements needed to move forward. Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival occurs in March, at which Pop des Fleurs will have a presence – exactly what TBD.
Phase Three: Citywide (or wider) Involvement and Large-Scale Installations:
 April 2015 – January 2016: Make several thousand flowers for Pop des Fleurs.
 January – February 2016 (Exact dates TBD, will be informed by data gathered during test install): Install Pop des Fleurs throughout neighborhoods and city of Pittsburgh!
As you can see, right now we’re in the phase of creating flowers for a test install to take place during February/March of 2015. There are several ways to help – making flowers we’ve already developed, or developing your own! Please review our guideline and view our tutorials if you want help getting started.
Remember – we are still in the test phase now. We will not be certain just what materials will be best until after February 2015. 
OR… you can make your own new prototypes of beautiful, durable flowers using the established guidelines!
Please drop off finished flowers to Lauren Sims at 6050 Grafton Street Pittsburgh PA 15206 or email pictures to (emailed pictures are strongly preferred, dropped off prototypes will NOT be returned to the artist.)
Happy Popping!

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