Behind the Scenes – The Process of a Great Work of Community Art

Great community artworks take time, planning, and oodles of fabulous enthusiastic folks working side-by-side up to their elbows in yarn and really big scarfs (just like you!).  Knit the Bridge has been extremely grateful and excited by everyone’s energy and hard work so early in the process!

Behind every new and slightly experimental project of this magnitude is a cross-section of makers, yarn store owners, teachers, directors of art institutions, municipal workers, and county officials.  We’re pleased to be coordinating closely with Pittsburgh’s Office of Public Art and with local officials.

Since Knit the Bridge is committed to a legal, transparent, and collaborative public art installation, it’s been important to do our homework and we’ve been learning so much along the way… It turns out this is critical knowledge for figuring out permitting, engineering considerations, and safety codes.  For Knit the Bridge to be successful moving forward it is important that we work through local officials and the Office of Public Art to ensure that the fiberart installation meets fire code, doesn’t pose any safety hazards, and contributes to the community in only positive ways.

Knit the Bridge is working closely with these community partners and others to create an awesome community opportunity.

We have an important meeting next week and will keep you updated on the permitting process as it unfolds.  In the meantime, you can help keep the energy moving forward by beginning a panel and sharing the project with your knitting and non-knitting friends.

Happy making!

Crocheting courtsey of Jenny T.!

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