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  1. Really cool project! Just wondering what you are planning to do with all of the panels after the project is complete.

    1. We’re planning on laundering them and then donating the majority of them to various shelters. Some might hang in local nursing homes or community centers as well.

  2. I was wondering the same thing…I’m delighted to know they are going to be donated! I was worried they would become trash. That is fantastic.

  3. Although I measured several times when beginning my panel, it is too wide. I’m working side to side, and it is 89 inches instead of 72. Can this panel still be used, or should I rip back and start again? Thank you for your help…

    1. Don’t rip it out! We’ll take it as is, although we encourage others t try and make their panels as close to the recommended size as possible.

      Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Nancy Powell · · Reply

    I’m almost finished with my project. Do you have an address where I can send it when I’m finished?

    1. Nancy,

      That’s awesome that you’re almost done! All our drop-off points are listed on this blog post Please email us if you have other questions

  5. Ok: trying to plan the best way to create a panel from many different kids. Is having individuals make the 8×8 size squares the best bet? Some people will crochet and some will knit. I am a knitter but would I need to crochet the small squares together?
    Just want to plan for success and not work that will be hard to use!

    1. 8 x 8 is a fine size to work with. It seems better to aim small because we can always add a border… You can attach the squares with a yarn needle and yarn if you’re not a big crocheter. We’re happy to help you out with attaching and figuring out that bit. Feel free to email us at any point . WE’re so excited you and all those kids are participating!!

  6. Amanda, how does the tagging process work? Besides making sure to place a printed out tag on each panel- does the individual of a square get to see their square on the bridge map or should we tag them under one group organization?

    1. That’s a great question. We’re working on figuring out the system right now – in fact just met to get organized yesterday! At this point it’s important to include BOTH all the individuals who participated and the group as a whole. It will probably be labeled under the group name, but listing all the participants, their ages, and neighborhood/township helps us know if we’re meeting our demographic goals. We’re aiming to have representation from every neighborhood in Pittsburgh, township in Allegheny County, and Southwestern PA county.

  7. Margie Smith · · Reply

    Are there locations posted where one can pick up donated yarn? I like the idea of recycling and don’t want to have to buy yarn. Thanks.

    1. The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse has yarn both for free and some for sale for Knit the Bridge makers.

  8. Margie Smith · · Reply

    Thank you. This is wonderful. Glad to know that such a place exists. I had no idea. I’m getting ready to clean out my “craft” room and love the idea that some of the things I no longer need could be reused!

  9. Our Team is wondering if this will be a world record yarn bombing!

    1. should be biggest on a bridge… also biggest in US/western hemisphere… the steps in finland might be more total yardage, we’ll have to see…

  10. Donna Stolz · · Reply

    Is there a reason why the cast-on side must be the 72″? I have started mine but I cast on the 34″ side 😦

    1. Donna, That’ a guideline based on stretch factor. We we still accept your panel even if you started on the other side. No worries!

  11. Awesome! Thanks!

  12. When I have finished, hopefully in the next week or two, can I also drop off the left over yarn? I really don’t want to make a special trip of many miles to the reuse center but I’d be happy for someone to make use of the remaining yarn – I’m using several colors so there’s quite a bit left.

    1. that should be okay. please put it all in a bag. what drop off point are you going to? it might help to contact them ahead of time so they know what to expect. thanks! any additional questions –

      1. Will be going to the Babcock Blvd address. I’ll give them a ring beforehand.Thanks!

      2. I was speaking to one of the other ktbers who suggested that I should drop my left-over yarn in to Grace at te Fox Chapel library so I’ll do that tomorrow. Will drop off panel when I get a spare moment.

  13. Hi! When will the bridge be yarn bombed? I live in Virginia, but visit a friend in Pittsburgh frequently and would like to participate. Is that ok?

    1. Hi Tracy!
      Thanks for your great question. As far as the installation goes, we’d be happy for you to volunteer, but you must also be available for the installation training which will happen a couple weeks before the bridge install. We don’t have finalized dates yet, but if you sign up to help with the installation on the blog, we will be in touch once we have the set dates. Then you can assess whether you’re able to be here in Pittsburgh for those times. Thanks! Email if you have other questions!

  14. Pearl Deaniello · · Reply

    Hello Amanda,
    I just learned about this last evening, and it is such a wonderful idea, I started on my panel and
    when I told my sister, a great knitter she too want to start a panel. or are we too late? Do you have
    a deadline for receiving the panels?
    Will be eagerly looking for reply, and hopefully we will be able to contribute.
    thanks, Pearl

    1. Pearl,

      That’s great! You should have time. The new deadline is June 1st (which we will announce officially soon). Please make sure that both you and your sister have signed up on the blog. WE’re happy to have you on board!

  15. Oh well. I started to make a panel constructed of granny squares using remnant yarn. Then my partner asked, “How are you going to “personalize your panel?” Caught up in the excitement of constructing a panel for KTB, I forgot the rules of no numbers, symbols or letters (ugh) and constructed a panel using international maritime signals flags. I thought this would be a good idea since it was being suspended on a bridge over a river. After the panel was completed, indirectly through my wonderful friends and after revisiting the website, I was reminded we were not to do that! Ugh
    So now I ask…why not use letters, numbers or symbols as long as it is tasteful?


    1. Hi Marvin,

      Your piece sounds lovely, however we need to stick to our original guidelines about no numbers, letters, representational imagery, etc… This is important for consistency sake and o that we aren’t charged with deciding what’s tasteful and what is not. Also, it turns out there are some interesting legal issues with public space and in order to remain a public art installation and not get caught up in complicated public forum law, we need to stick to the original plan. Thank you for asking! Maybe we could still use your panel for fundraising purposes?

      Thanks. Feel free to email with more questions

  16. Margie Smith · · Reply

    I’m nearing completion of granny squares for my panel. Would welcome any suggestions on assembling them with black yarn for “stained glass” effect. Thanks.

  17. Chanda Weigel · · Reply


    Do you know which bridge is going to be knitted?

    Thanks, Chanda

    1. We’re hoping for one of the Three Sisters – but still working on finishing up the details.

  18. Amanda,

    My grandmother and my great-aunt (commenter Pearl above) are both signed up for this and they’re very excited. I’d like to participate in installation or help in some way as well. How do I get involved?

    1. Just sign up in the blog sign up box. You can choose the box that says “help with the installation” then we’ll add you to out installers list and be in touch soon. Also, if you’re interested in the community outreach/organizing part of the project, you’re welcome to join us at our next Community Leaders Gathering at 7pm on April 15th in East Liberty. After you sign up we can send you an email with location and other info related to that.

      So excited you want to get involved!!


  19. I looked at the map of places involved and it doesn’t show Fox Chapel. I clicked on the link to mention it and it said it doesn’t exist, so I’m posting here. You have at least one panel from FC because I dropped it off with Grace at the library a few weeks back.

    1. Fox Chapel is on the Allegheny County Map (44 in green). Belle Vernon is listed under are counties! Thanks everyone for being vocal about your community’s participation!

  20. Nicole DeMan · · Reply

    I registered to do railings but there is no info regarding colors/patterns. Is it the same as the panels or will they be a solid color?

    1. Railings are to be done in solid black acrylic yarn. They can be garter or stockinette, or double crochet. FOr more info see our blog post:

  21. Patti Ristey · · Reply

    I am Team Leader for Cranberry Squared and have a Participation List of people who helped on our panel. However, a few of our team members learned to knit with us, but never turned in their work. How would you like me to list their involvement. They were a part of our community events/ kum bye ah (as Kitty would say 🙂 ) moments but their knitting is not on the panel. I’d like to respect your needs in accurate representation, but still appreciate their participation.

    1. If they participated in any way, they count! Everyone counts! Please include them in your list which you can email to us Thanks!

      1. Patti Ristey · ·

        Super! A bunch of very busy 11 and 12 year olds thank you!

      2. Yay! Go Team!

  22. Is there a date for the installation yet? Or a bridge? I was looking at the calendar and it seems to be on some sort of rolling schedule, with knitting sessions still happening in 2015.

    1. Still working on finalizing a date. The calendar events that roll until 2015 are because we forgot to choose an end date, but we hope community knit-ins and meet ups continue even after the bridge is completed! Thanks for checking in. WE will let you know as soon as we have it finalized with local officials.

  23. Joann · · Reply

    I started a 34×72 panel, but it won’t be done in time. Can you take a 34×34 (2 17×17’s)? I am also working on completing a 17×17. I hope that is ok…

  24. Having got my panel finished for the first deadline, we’re nearly at the second and you still don’t seem to have a date or a place. When will it be decided? Why is it proving such a problem? I’m beginning to feel a little fed up that I made such an effort and nothing is happening.

    1. Rona,

      We totally hear you. There have been times when we’ve been a little fed up too! Often yarn bombs are done as guerrilla art in the dark of the night and without official permission. Since we decided to go the official permission route it’s been a long complicated process, but we have been and are making process (even though it doesn’t always seem like it). We’re hoping (fingers crossed) to be able to announce an official date and bridge soon.

      And as always we’re open to answering any questions or comments – after all this is your project too.

      I think the reason it’s been so complicated is that there’s never been a yarnbomb on a bridge in the USA before to look at as a precedent. So we’re learning and negotiating everything from scratch.

      Thanks for hanging in there with us. It will happen.


  25. Donna McCarthy · · Reply

    I am working on a partial panel. It’s about 14″ by 30″. Would you like me to keep working on it or drop it off today?

    1. Yes! Drop it off soon!

  26. Janet M. · · Reply

    Any needle size requirements for the black railing panels due July 1st? Is it the same as the colored panels — size 7 or 8 for knitting? And same yarn (worsted) gauge??

    1. You can go bigger for needles on the railings – up to a 10 or 10.5. WE recommend worsted weight… (black acrylic). Happy Knitting!!!

  27. Janet M. · · Reply

    OK, thanks for your reply. Picked up a bunch of black yarn from Creative Reuse but most had no labels. They said to test for acrylic content, light it with a match. If it burns, then it is natural fiber (ie. cotton or wool); if it melts then it is synthetic (ie. acrylic). Some pieces burned a bit but then went out & melted — I assume that means it’s an acrylic blend so I won’t use those. Only one ball of the bagfull I bought turned out to be acrylic (ie. melted).
    Are the dropoff places the same as for the panels??

  28. I just found out about this on the news and i see the deadline is now past for entries. This is such a wonderful idea and I will be sure to go look at the bridge.

    1. Carol,

      WE still need black railing covers due July 15th (all black acrylic yarn, two sizes 9″x105″ Or 15″ x 80″)

  29. Congrats on getting the permissions through! Look forward to seeing the finished project. We dropped in to the workroom yesterday and are amazed at how industrious and buzzy it is and the huge piles of panels – will be back to help. One small thing – the banner displayed there, which was at 3 Rivers Festival too, states it’s the biggest community arts project ever. It ain’t. May be the biggest yarn bomb, maybe even the biggest knitting project, but there are several community arts projects much bigger (I have worked in community arts for 25 years). You’ve plenty of true things to crow about without that.

  30. I new to knitting, but would live to help with this project. What is the best way to help out?

    1. We need railings! (all black acrylic, 2 sizes: 9″ x 105″ or 15″ x 80″ garter stitch). Stop by our space at Spinning Plate and we have other knitting and nonknitting tasks (5720 Friendship Ave, 15206)

  31. When is the installation going to take place?

    1. We’re planning for the installation on Aug 10 and 11th!

  32. Mitzi & Max Goldman · · Reply

    I am a knitter. And I participate in one craft festival a year and donate all my profits to Feeding America. I was delighted to see all the projects and being a former Pittsburgher I a was thrilled to see such a project.
    Keep up the creative work.
    Mitzi Goldman

  33. Heard about this project from a friend and fellow knitter who is visiting family in Pittsburgh area. Wish I had know about it sooner, I certainly would have contributed a knit panel. My family moved to Aspinwall in 1955, to Shaler Twp. in 1958, and my parents stayed there until 1994. The pictures look beautiful..

  34. Val Pietracatello · · Reply

    My name is Val Pietracatello & I did a railing cover. I cannot find where it is located It just says a railing cover
    Please help

    1. Hi Val,

      Your railing cover is on the bridge, but unfortunately we weren’t able to keep track of where all the railings are on the bridge. The panels are individually unique, while the railing covers, although many vary, are still very consistent. It was logistically beyond our capacity to do so. We are using virtually every railing cover we received, so please be assured that yours is helping to make history! Thank you for your contribution!!

  35. Pearl Deaniello · · Reply

    Hi All..
    On my shift of monitoring the bridge the positive comments I received as I checked the panels and railings were just great. The cutest group was 20 little ones from a Day Care, their faces showed such interest and not one touched the panels.
    Several tourists and local folks stopped .. ask questions and shared their feelings about the impact of actually seeing it for the first time .
    everyone speaks very highly of having such an “Awesome first for Pittsburgh”
    Many comments:
    :”how uplifting it is to see the bridge each morning”,” Great way to bring people together”,and many more.
    Personally each time I see it,I am impressed and I see if often with my
    family/friend tours that I bring to bridge. but, I still enjoy my weekly monitoring duties.
    Looking forward to my next shift.
    Pearl Deaniello

  36. Where is the map of locations of donated panels or squares from various centers? I can’t seem to find it.

    1. You can search by group or by location…
      From Your Phone –

      From Home –

  37. p. hoffman · · Reply

    When I look at the names listed as contributors I do not see those who made railings.

    1. We were able to keep track of where each railing is. We’re working on a full list of contributors that includes everyone that will be on the blog. railing contributions were extremely important and we have a list of contributors, but not the corresponding list of exactly where each railing is located.

  38. p. hoffman · · Reply

    That is fine. I do not think people need to know where their particular railing cover is but if they wanted to be acknowledge then that is what should be done.

  39. LINDA DUNFEE · · Reply


    1. Hi Linda,

      I’m not quite sure how to help you with that, but you could try posting on our fb page or going on ravelry to see if others know more.

  40. Pam Roth · · Reply

    I am interested if there is going to be another event in 2014 like last years and if so how to get involved.
    Also, how does is the yarn re-purposed project in effect?
    Thank you in advance

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