Monthly Archives: October 2012

Community Leaders – Take Three!

Knit the Bridge is having our 3rd Community Leaders Info Session, Brainstorming Storm, and Networking Event on Saturday, November 10th at 10:30am. We would love to see you there!  Please RSVP at for more information.  We will be sharing updates, hearing from each other, brainstorming, and planning new and exciting Knit the Bridge activities, […]

Represent! (Updated)

(We’re pleased to welcome participants from Friendship, Homewood, Murrysville, Brookline, Allegheny Township and others!  View updated maps below for Knit the Bridge’s panel-making networks) So far enthusiasm for Knit the Bridge has been tremendous!  We are so excited by the response and the geographic diversity of folks who’ve signed up to make a panel, donate […]

Alternative Panel Sizes for the Busy or Beginners

We need over 570 panels to Knit this Bridge.  That’s a lot of knitting!  Thanks to the 173 folks who have signed up to make panels!  We’re 1/3rd of the way there. We’ve heard from some folks that a full panel (34″ x 72″) is just too much.  We’ve been thinking of how to make […]

Have Panels, Will Travel

Here’s a brief compilation of in-progress panels and some of their makers. Send us your in-progress panels to inspire others to knit and crochet the bridge!

Quick Panel Update – Weave the Bridge

With roughly 140 folks signed up to make a panel online and many more to come, we’re on our way to knitting a bridge! * In an effort to be inclusive as possible and due to several requests from weavers, we’ve decided to open up panels to weavers.  Woven panels must use all acrylic/synthetic yarn, […]

KtB Happenings – Ways to Get Involved!

Folks…  Things are movin’ here at Knit the Bridge.  Fall is in the air and people are reaching for their knitting needles. We’ve got several great ways to connect to Knit the Bridge in the weeks ahead: Wednesday, October 10th – We are so energized by everyone who’s been joining us in this crazy project.  […]

Yarns at the Mini-Maker Faire

The other week the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh (FGP) was at the Children’s Museum’s Mini Maker Faire introducing knit and crochet to folks of all ages!  Stay tuned for more Knit the Bridge activities and events at local institutions like the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh! * Guild members held center court at the Pittsburgh Children’s […]