The Bridge Goes Up!

Watch this awesome time lapse Knit the Bridge videographer and participant made documenting the installation!


  1. Sarah Trenk · · Reply

    Great Video!!!!

  2. Tricia V. · · Reply

    Love the video!! The bridge looks gorgeous. Only wish I could go.

  3. hijennybrown · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Hi, Jenny Brown and commented:
    Love this video!
    (And I look great from this distance and at this speed)

  4. Kate Talbot · · Reply

    Awesome! Great job to everyone involved!

  5. almost as exciting as the real experience!

  6. Congratulations to ALL who spent countless hours preparing for this event. A true act of love and crativity….looks awesome!

  7. joy ketter · · Reply

    Great job, everyone!

  8. Dee Carroll · · Reply

    I lived in Pittsburgh the first 35 years of my life. I now live on the West Coast. But, I am still, and always will be a Pittsburgh girl at heart. This is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen a community undertake. But, it doesn’t surprise me. That’s Pittsburgh for ya! I had tears in my eyes watching the video. I want to get on a plane tonight and fly “home” to see this. It makes me very proud of my roots. Thank you…

  9. Totally awesome ! Born and raised in Monroeville, now live in Western New York, I will aldways be a” Girl from the burgh ” Love you Pittsburgh People !

  10. Unbelievable the work involved….Kudos to all! What a sight!

  11. Love you, Pittsburgh.

  12. The bridge looks awesome! I wrote about in my blog at and linked to your main page!

  13. Barry Hart · · Reply

    The power of community and beauty is in this creation! All the hard work has more than paid off and will not be forgotten–Knit the Bridge, its patterns and colors, are now part of us.We have been changed by your effort and creativity. Thank you!

  14. This was great fun to do.

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