Almost at 100% participation!

Even though 90% participation is something to celebrate, we still need to get to 100! We have a few neighborhoods on our list that haven’t participated, and we want you to get involved. One of the best ways you can represent your community is to donate to our Indiegogo campaign that is ending in a few short hours. You have until this Thursday, July 11 at 11:59pm to contribute (and even get cool perks, like this t-shirt!).


One of the greatest things about this project is how we are able to literally bridge the gap between communities throughout Pittsburgh. Once the installation is completed, the Warhol Bridge will be covered in panels that people all over our city have created, and that is pretty cool. Through this project we are bringing together our city, and it has been an awesome experience so far!

Check out our list of missing neighborhoods and municipalities to make sure you contribute if you haven’t been represented already! Also, spread the word to any residents of these communities you know!

Missing Pittsburgh Neighborhoods



East Carnegie


Duquesne Heights

South Shore

Bon Air


Arlington Heights


New Homestead

Glen Hazel

Spring Garden

Missing Allegheny County Municipalities

Frazer Township

South Versailles Township

Borough of Wall

Stowe Township

Borough of Rosslyn Farms

Neville Township

Borough of Glenfield

Borough of Haysville

Borough of Pitcairn

Borough of West Homestead

Borough of Dravosburg

Borough of West Elizabeth


  1. Cathy Strate · · Reply

    It would be interesting to note all those from out of the city also that donated. I sent one from Armstrong County and I am sure that there are others that sent from out of the area also.

  2. […] to the campaign is one way you can show your community participation. If you are one of the neighborhoods missing from our list, don’t miss out on your chance to […]

  3. Is there a way to contribute, now that your IndieGoGo has ended? I represent one of the “missing” neighborhoods, and feel bad I don’t have time to knit, but will happily donate.

    1. Hi Amy,

      You can still donate on our website. click the “donate button” and you can give u a direct donation through our paypal account. Be sure and let us know your community so we can put you on the map!


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