Railings to Scarves

Railings turned scarf with pockets by Judy

Railings turned scarf with pockets by Judy

Greetings all and Happy 2014!

Many, many thanks for all of your help with re-purposing railings to date.  How did we do?  We estimate that we have re-purposed approximately half of what we used to cover the bridge.  Great job all!!
And now we are getting back into the groove after a bit of a break.  We will be at Pittsburgh Creative Reuse (PCCR located in the East End of the ‘burgh) on Thursday February 13th 6 – 8pm for a Railing to Scarf Party for their February Open Studio.  East End Cooperative Ministries has requested 50 scarves for their clients.
What do we need help with?  We need to re-size some railings for a good scarf length, repair some that didn’t do too well in the laundry, and stitch on our bridge logo with yarn using yarn needles.
If you have never been to PCCR you are in for a treat; one of KtB’s major supporters PCCR abounds with endless possibilities for making.
Looking ahead we plan to have get togethers around town as we continue our re-purposing mission.  Be sure to watch for our blog updates and your email for details.
If you would like to pick up some railings or have us bring some to you shoot me an email and we will make arrangements.
Hope to see you soon!

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