Come on Down to the Festival!

Located in the Creativity Zone

Located in the Creativity Zone


Nothing brings folks out of the woodwork like the Three Rivers Arts Festival.  A 10 day long festival of music, performance, arts and crafts, food, and hands-on activities, Knit the Bridge is delighted to be a part of it!





We’re there every day (June 7-16th) from noon-6pm and are located in the Creativity Zone next door to Vanessa German’s Art House and around the corner from our partners in upcycling, Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse – kind of handy if you’re in to making things…




Each one teach one

Now that the panel deadline has passed (although if you’ve started one and didn’t finish, please turn in what you have), we’re on to railings.  If you drop by, you’ll have the chance to sit and stitch (knit or crochet) for a minute and add on to the ones we’ve started.  Feel free to do this at home too!

There’s lots to see and do at the festival, so if you’re in the area, please stop by, say hi, and introduce yourself!





At Three Rivers Arts Festival

At Three Rivers Arts Festival

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